Make your own Add-A-Quarter Ruler

Place several layers of masking tape on the back of a small rotary cutting ruler, overlapping the cutting edge. (I used my 1" x 6" ruler.) Turn the ruler over, tape side down. Using an old blade in your rotary cutter, trim the masking tape even with the cutting edge. Turn the ruler over again so that the tape side is up. Using another rotary ruler, trim through the masking tape leaving a strip exactly 1/4 inch wide right next to the cutting edge. Remove the rest of the tape. Now you will have a ruler with a 1/4 inch ridge at the cutting edge.

Using your Add-A-Quarter Ruler

After sewing a seam on your foundation block, fold the foundation back so that only the seam allowances are exposed. Place the "bump" of the ruler on the seam line, snugging it up against the sewing line and trim the seam allowance. The bump aligns the ruler for you every time, allowing you to quickly trim the seam allowance.

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